matwork options

general level

Suitable for clients of all ages and abilities, including those with minor injuries. Options will always be given, and you will be encouraged to work with your body, and choose the level most suitable to you.

improver level

Suitable for clients who have a good understanding of the Pilates principles, and are ready for a more challenging class.

intermediate level

Suitable for clients who have a good understanding of the Pilates principles, are injury free and ready for a challenging class, combining more advanced repertoire and choreography

advanced level

These classes will be challenging, so are only suited to clients who are completely injury free, and experienced in intermediate/advanced repertoire

restore and rebalance

A slightly gentler class, suitable for anyone with limited mobility through injury, illness, age or inactivity. A series of pilates exercises and stretches to strengthen the body, improve balance and increase flexibility. Safe and beneficial for Osteopenic and Osteoporotic clients too.

bone health and balance

A fun, informative and supportive class. Suitable for all, but specifically designed to be safe and beneficial for Osteopenic and Osteoporotic clients, and for those who would like to improve their overall balance.  It will include Pilates-inspired weight bearing, resistance and flexibility exercises, especially to target hips, pelvis, spine, wrists and ankles, and will also aim to improve balance through movements in standing positions.

barre flow

Combining the technical movement of ballet, with the precision of Pilates. Improve your alignment and flexibility with this energising full body workout.  No experience required. Suitable for everyone without injuries.


Pilates is a great way to increase self-esteem, concentration, and coordination, as well as an effective means of reducing stress. Pilates for teens also helps prevent sports injuries and helps create clarity and focus for studies, as well as improving posture, and promoting a positive self image. Suitable for those aged 12-16.

1:1 and 2:1 private sessions

Private sessions are ideal for those who would like a session designed just for their body. They are extremely beneficial for targeted results, such as, post-surgery, injury rehabilitation, athletes and performance training, and even those new to exercise.

1:1 – A session tailored to your own specific needs and goals. These goals can include increasing your overall fitness and well-being, athletic training, rehabilitation or pain management.

2:1 – Come with your partner, family member or friend. You will get a fully-integrated session, tailored to your specific needs. A great way to share the cost and keep each other motivated.

pink ribbon program

Tansy Blaik-Kelly is a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, offering the highly regarded Pink Ribbon Program. It is designed in progressive phases, with 2 x 30 minute, 1:1 sessions per week, over a 6 week period. In addition to the sessions, you will receive an exercise booklet and band to perform the exercises on a daily basis. Contact the studio for further information and to book.